- I’ve known Gregoire a long time but since he’s been physically training me, he’s made a massive difference to my life.  Not only am I fitter and stronger than I was in my forties or fifties but my posture and balance have improved, I’ve lost weight and my shape has completely changed.

My husband and I have had a lot of fitness instructors over the years, been to many health spas around the world but Gregoire has been an inspiration – one of the most intelligent, best-informed and funniest trainers we’ve ever had.

Lesley K, Valbonne


- Gregoire has been our fitness coach for two years coming to the house to train us twice a week.   He is always on time and never cancels sessions.   We are a Franco-English household so he gives us instructions, encouragement and advice in both languages.  I like using the Elliptical trainer but Madame doesn’t so Gregoire finds himself giving two courses at once; strength and tailored shaping movements for her and stretching and flexibility for me.

We always enjoy our sessions (even though at times we’re in pain and panting!) and they have made a significant improvement in how we move, feel and look.  Gregoire is very observant identifying areas to work on and tailors the exercises to each person’s needs.

 He is also a very good sports masseur with deep understanding of joints and muscles; each week after a training one of us has a massage, causing severe jealousy as to whose turn it is!  

Nicholas T, Biot


- J’ai fait appel à Grégoire afin de m’aider à me débarrasser de douleurs de dos apparues après mes grossesses et qui persistaient malgré les séances d’ostéopathie. Après quelques semaines non seulement les douleurs ont disparu mais j’ai également ressenti une amélioration de mon état général : plus de muscles, de souplesse et d’énergie. Alors depuis deux ans je suis fidèle à ma séance hebdomadaire.

Grégoire est un coach sérieux, qui aime son travail et qui propose à chaque séance de nouveaux exercices, ce qui permet de ne pas se lasser et de progresser. C’est également un excellent masseur.

Merci pour tes cours que j’attends chaque semaine avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme.

Anne B. , Biot