Posture and Strengthening

Strengthen your body doing what it likes.

Ladies, would you like to feel more dynamic and tone up your figure?

Gentlemen, would you like to be fitter and more muscular?

To make you firmer and stronger I’ll work out the exercises which suit you best and give the best results.

You could chose a traditional muscle strengthening regime or work on a body awerness basis.

Gentle gym, dynamic gym, posture gym; you decide!

I’ll ensure your exercises are the optimum to tone up and strengthen the areas you want completely safely for you and your back.

I also offer gym specifically to stretch and strengthen the back and the muscles in the abdomen.



Strengthening  your muscles and improving your posture.

Too often in my job I meet people with bad backs and my goal is to analyse your posture and correct and problems so relieving back pain.  We’ll improve your back by easy natural exercises; stretching, breathing, contracting and strengthening tummy muscles.  These exercises bring added flexibility and suppleness improving your posture and reducing back ache so you feel and look better.   You’ll notice the improvements after just a few sessions!



Is Pilates what you’re looking for?

The Pilates method helps the body to work efficiently taking account of one’s particular strengths and weaknesses.


Pilates is based on exercises to engage the lower abdominal muscles and the perineum and on breathing thus gently stretching the spinal column.   We’ll also work on areas you decide you want to tone up; abdomen, glutes, thighs, insides of thighs, triceps, back………..


Pilates is a “soft” gym where you listen to your body and learn to differentiate and exercise specific parts of your anatomy.