Do you want to lose a few kilos and get back in shape or maybe you’ve decided on significant reduction as excess weight is hampering your daily life?

We’ll work together and I’ll devise a programme of exercises of varying intensity to draw down your calorific reserves and trigger the Fat Burner effect.

Physical activity giving cardio-vascular exercise is the answer to feeling better. It strengthens your heart so you can once again climb stairs and slopes without getting out of breath.
Cardio exercise burns up excess calories to tone you up and slim you down.  Even better as the brain produces endorphins during exercise stress slips away and relaxed tiredness arrives.  You sleep much better.


Together we’ll work out which activities suit you best; brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming in the pool or the sea (with fins), rowing machine or cross trainer – we’ll concentrate on the ones you enjoy!

I’ll advise on diet and balanced meals so it’s easy to stay at your new lower weight.   I’ll help you avoid putting the weight back on which one can so easily do after a programme of diet and exercise – together we’ll keep you motivated and you’ll stay healthier, fitter and trimmer.


Working with a professional coach will give you good results.  I’ll listen to your needs, tailor-make a programme for you and keep you motivated; you’ll be healthier, fitter and stronger.