Weight Loss – Cardio

This section is for those who want to lose either a little or a lot of weight. Cardio training is the best way to burn calories and melt fat.  I’ll come with you in the activities you choose; running, walking, cycling, swimming……….. We’ll work either outside, in the gym or at your house with your treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine……………  We’ll modify the exercise intensity to maximise calorie burn.  These activities are perfect for feeling fitter and strengthening the heart so climbing stairs and going up slopes becomes easy.



The Pilates method strengthens your core muscles to give you better and stronger posture while harmonising your breathing.

With correct posture and positioning of the abdomen Pilates reaches muscle groups other exercises can’t; back, tummy, upper and lower torso.  We’ll work these muscles in the optimal way; without getting out of breath or too tired.

Learn to know your body with Pilates


Core, Posture, Back

We’ll work on the deep muscle groups; back, front of the spine, deep abdominals, with movements and postures and you’ll quickly feel stronger, taller and more comfortable in your body.

For your back we’ll do stretching and strengthening to relieve tight and tense muscles.



Abdos, glutes, inner thighs, back, triceps………………Work your whole body.  Or concentrate on the areas you want to tone up!

We’ll discuss your aims and work out what’s best for you.

I’m always watch very carefully the placement of your body and how well you’re doing the exercises because I want you to get the best results without any strains.



It’s mostly men who like body building but ladies too may like to build up muscles with dumb bells, weights etc.  I’ll prepare a programme to meet your aims of greater strength and toning.

We can do exercises using your own body weight, or elastics, dumb bells or machines.

Whatever your requirements I’ll be very careful about your technique and the placing of your pelvis and back.



I’ll show you the best and nicest stretch movements targeted for your particular needs.  Stretching relives both physical and mental tension, it make your joints more flexible and lengthens your muscles.


We can do ALL the exercises, muscle strength, cardio or relaxing, in a pool.  The exercises are even nicer as you’re supported by the water and can strengthen ALL your muscles without  any strain. Use your pool for your gym; it’s fun and you keep cool!


Specific Training

You want to progress in your chosen sport and better physical preparation would help?  Whether you’re top flight or average at your sport we’ll set up a targeted training programme to meet your competition schedule and goals.  Team or individual sport; we’ll do the best exercises to excel in your discipline. I’ll also show you exercises drawn from other activities to develop your balance, strength, stamina, speed, and coordination.

Thanks to my years of professional experience I’ll guide you and work with you towards the targets you’ve set!



Breathing is involuntary and natural but bad breathing habits make you tense.

I’ll help you to become conscious of your breathing to release your diaphragm and remove the stress caused by bad breathing.

There are different breathing techniques for every aspect of our lives; e.g. to speed up brain activity, improve digestion, reduce anxiety, help you to sleep sooner and better etc.



Breathing is a big help in relaxing.  The aim is to relax the body, turn off the spinning carousel of thoughts in one’s head and completely let go.

Relaxation pours away the stress of a day or a difficult time and prepares you for the challenges to come; an exam, a competition, a meeting.   It helps sleep and digestion while reducing anxiety, stress and tension.